Programming, designing and soldering circuits, reverse-engineering on anything I can get my hands on, discovering new ways to do something. Those are my passions. Also gaming .



Started by translating a game server from english in elementary school. One year later I was writing my own servers in C and so my passion for programming began. Fast forward to today I am able to create complex programs in multiple programming languages such as C, C#, .NET, PHP, Python and so on.


From a project I signed up for only for a higher grade in college to a passion for embedded programming, there were only a few steps for me. Playing almost everyday with embedded toys or programming, either as my hobby or for work, I still find and learn interesting things about programming, circuits, systems and general engineering on a daily basis.

Content Creation

From hobby to part-time job, streaming games was a big part of my daily schedule. Currently not streaming anymore. Hightlights, interesting outcomes and funny scenes from Twitch streaming ended up on my YouTube channel.